dimanche 31 octobre 2010

Narrative Project

My narrative project is divided in two parts, in ''mini-scenarios''.

The first scenario is: here

The second scenario is: here

I will probably re-do a series of three because I don' t like working on a narrative series. I am more into concentrating into one very good picture and I thought that 10 is too much. I feel like I have done my series too fast, with too much pressure, with no ideas and with some technical issues.

mardi 12 octobre 2010

Fashion research

I found an interesting series done but a couple of Russian photographers, Andrey Yakovlev and Lili Aleeva. Here is the link.

I know it is not my Picasa web album but they are already all there together. All these images show perfectly how narration works in most fashion shoots now. I used to hate fashion but the narrative dimension brought to most of the works now created some interest to me since I am a big fan of cinema. What I liked with this series of pictures is that the story is so easy to read and all the composition are so well thought and planned. Their approach is quite interesting since it is related to our reality, it's a story that probably already happened and they just recreate this macabre event in a funny and interesting way. This shooting really caught my attention and opened my mind about fashion.

For more work of them here is the link

I also provided some more pictures on Picasa web album from many other photographers -> here

mercredi 6 octobre 2010

Good and bad environmental portraits research

For my bad ones I tried to find pictures that could be considered good but the cheesiness and the bad taste in editing makes them not that good. Some of them are actually extremely good technically but sometimes I think it's too much... and sometimes not enough. HDR composites are definitely something I despise but I used to love back then. I also posted some portraits that I found interesting but at the same time so pretentious (the guy with the fox). Maybe I'm not brilliant enough to understand. I got also band shots that are not done very well or with very few taste in lighting, location, colors and especially strange photoshop editing. I've got also cheesy portrait where people take themselves too seriously.

For my good ones, well it is really a question of opinion. Some people in the class I know would find them boring and uninteresting but most of them are my style. Most of them are done with natural or ambiant light and are more about feelings and emotions than composition and direct link with the environment. Some of them could not be considered environmental portraits but I don't know I think they are. I tried to be different from the usual old school photo-documentary pictures and find some work from my flickr contacts who inspire me. These are not masterpieces but definitely good work in my opinion that deals with emotions and feelings.