mercredi 17 novembre 2010

Food research

Here are 10 pictures that I find interesting:

I'd say the main difference with the pictures we see in a menu or even some product shots at the grocery store is that the composition is well thought and that there is some thinking behind it. Sometimes we can see diptychs, concepts and plays of colors that make the image. The graphic elements and the lighting play a huge part of in the success of these images. Sometimes it is not really to show the product I'd say since the approach is very ''artistic''.

One thing I noticed is nowadays wherever they come from, I feel that most of the food photographers do the same thing. It sure looks pretty good but it becomes strange, like if it was some kind of job they were doing everyday and not intending to improve, like a butcher or a baker. But sometimes I fall on pretty good pictures that push things further and make things interesting. Sometimes the food does not fit, sometimes it's funny and strange. Here are a couple of examples: